Hiring sucks.
Referrals are the answer.

nudj will help you build a ‘best in class’ employee referral program that will consistently deliver results: top talent, reduced time to hire and major savings.

What to expect with nudj

Combine our software with Greenhouse, Workable or any ATS to get more of the candidates you need.


Applicants interviewed

Not only are nudj applicants high quality, but they also come vouched for, meaning the only sensible option is to interview them.

Faster to hire

On average it takes 1 month to hire a candidate through nudj, compared to almost 2 months when using a recruiter.

Cheaper than a recruiter

With even the cheapest recruiters charging 15% and costly job board subscriptions not delivering, we offer better value for money.

Our clients include

When you are looking for people who aren’t just after a job but also share our vision to save the planet, referrals are the only option. Candidates sourced via nudj were higher calibre than anything we’ve used before.
Ben Gardener
Direction of Customer Success

We already have a referral scheme so why do we need nudj?

Referral schemes are poorly communicated and aren’t personalised to the individual…

People team

We send a company wide email once a week, but we don’t get a very good response.


nudj personalises communication to the individual referrers and sends gentle reminders to make sure they don’t forget to take action.

Referral schemes involve too much work for the referrer and candidate…


Making a referral is a job in itself. Asking my network, getting their CV and uploading it into the system is too time consuming, so I don’t bother.


With nudj, anyone can make a referral in 2-clicks and post trackable links to any platform, allowing even the busiest of employees to ask their network with ease.

Most schemes only scratch the surface…


None of my friends are currently looking for a job.


Most referral schemes focus on introducing active candidates.

nudj helps your teams search beyond their immediate networks. Using our tailored ‘Aided Recall’ approach we help them dig deeper into their personal networks.

Referrals are an admin nightmare…


I’ve recommended people in the past but my referrals get lost in the system.


Keep your referred candidates out of your inbox. Follow up and track conversations with candidates and referrers from within the platform.

Our pricing

Unlimited jobs. Unlimited users. One monthly fee.


14-day free trial. No payment details needed.