Hiring is broken.
Referrals are the answer.
All they need is a nudj.

  • Solving the hiring puzzle

    Hiring is time consuming, expensive and increasingly difficult. Whether you're a company trying to find and attract good people, or a person looking to take the next step in their career, it's tough. Referrals are proven to help.

  • Finding the best people

    Recruiters, job boards and marketplaces only help companies reach those that are actively looking for a job. Referrals, however, help get jobs in front of the best people, regardless of whether they're looking or not.

  • Getting them engaged

    For you to share a job with a friend, you need to know what role would interest them. Likewise for a company, the team hiring is best positioned to know the type of person they need. All this ensures that come interview time everyone is already commited.

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