The best jobs aren't advertised.
The best talent isn’t looking.
Maybe they just need a nudj.

How nudj works

Easily ask for, track and reward referrals inside and outside your company.

  • 1.
    Get set-up in seconds

    Simply enter a few details about your company, and, hey-presto, your jobs will appear on the nudj network.

  • 2.
    Connect the dots

    We'll automatically identify the people most likely to put you in touch with awesome talent, whether they’re in your network or ours.

  • 3.
    Make it personal

    Get help tailoring your messages and incentives to ensure those you ask take action.

  • 4.
    Review only the best

    Get a curated list of the best applicants and only the juicy details delivered straight to your inbox or ATS of your choice.

  • 5.
    Say goodbye to paperwork

    We’ll then handle all the admin and payments so you don't have to. One less thing for you to worry about.

How we compare

Anyone can say they're the best, so we'll just let the numbers do the talking.

Cost of Hire£5,000£2,000
Time to Hire55 Days29 Days
Interview Rate32%75%
Fill Rate18%41%

*based on tests with these lovely people.

How much does it cost?

A simple, one-off payment that is more than 50% less than a recruiter.

£2,000 per job*

*Payable within 30 days of making a hire.